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Warrimoo RFS - Awards Night

36 Recipients, with a total combination of 688 years of service. It's quite an achievement!

The Long Service Medals are presented to members of the Service in recognition of their years of active service. All members are commended on their dedication, commitment and service to the local community.

Some were unable to attend, however they are listed below. Their medals were collected by Brett Batten (CAPT), Dave McNeill (SDC) or a family member in attendance.

Barry Henry - 10 years' service.
Glenn Rice - 10 years' service.
Kenneth Smith - 10 years' service.
Maxwell O'Grady - 11 years' service.
Colin Stanley - 11 years' service.
Patricia Smith - 12 years' service.
Damien Bryan - 19 years' service.
John Pearson - 21 years' service.
John Hollis - 45 years' service.